‘How To’ & FAQ

How the domain transfer process works?

The most of our domain names are registered on GoDaddy and few domains are registered on Directnic.com. If you don’t have an account on the same registrar you can open one easily.

If you already have account on the same registrar (or if you just open it), please send us the following information to receive the domain:

A) GoDaddy

  • Your GoDaddy customer number
  • Email address associated with your GoDaddy account

On Godaddy, after we push the domain to your account, you will have to ACCEPT the domain name into your account. HERE’S HOW.

B) Directnic

  • Send us your Directnic username only
Can you transfer the domain to another registrar?

Sure. After the purchase, go to your registrar and start a transfer. You will need to pay at least one year registration period (that will increase the current registration period).

Contact us from the same email address you’ve used for PayPal. We will unlock the domain and send you the EPP or Authorization code.

How long the transfer process takes?

After you purchase a domain, we will contact you within 12 hours or less.
If we push the domain to your GoDaddy or Directnic account, it will be available in your account within 10-20 minutes.
If you want us to transfer the domain to your (another) registrar, this process could take 5-10 days.

Is the payment safe?

Payment process goes through PayPal only. According to Paypal, they use the latest anti-fraud technology, and they will never share your financial information with merchants.
How secure is the PayPal

Can I trust you?

Yes, you can. But also, your purchase is totally covered with PayPal Buyer Protection.
Also read: PayPal – we’ve got you covered

Can I list my domain name on your site?

No, sorry, all domain names for sale are owned by us.

Do you want to buy the domain I'm selling?

We prefer to pick domain names by ourselves. Most of our names are caught as they became available.
Still, if you want to offer us a good domain at a low price, you can send us an offer with an exact price quotation.